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1/144 Scale Gundam by Dragon Momoko

Dragon Momoko 1/144 Scale Razor Age Gundam

For this week review, it will be the highly anticipated Dragon Momoko Gundam Age Razor Unit 1/144 Scale. Its an urban legend. Rumour has it the quality from Dragon Momoko was an 80% similarity to Bandai. It was actually my first time buying a non-Bandai items. Since it is from Dragon Momoko, we are going […]

A Good Day To Die Hard

Who here does not love Bruce Willis? Once more, we get to see Bruce Willis played the role as Detective John McClane and his son, Jack McClane by Jai Courtney. This time, the entire whole storyline revolves in a father and son matter. Bruce Willis portrayed as a father who knew nothing much about his […]

1/144 RGZ 95C Rezel Type C Defenser; Assembling (FINISHED)

The joint on its knee is just awesome. Due to my tight schedule, it took me 3 weeks to finish it. Average to finish this kit was supposed to be 2 weeks at least.¬† I had a hard time with this unit. But it was fun assembling it. Everything about it speaks out loud. Its […]

Rezel Unit

1/144 RGZ 95C Rezel Type C Defenser; Assembling (Part 2)

After a few days of delay only recently I managed to continue on with my Rezel. This model kit, is seriously tough and not that simple to be build. It looks simple by just following instruction manual but to give the detailing was simply time consuming and tough. The thrusters are the reason behind the […]

Bullet to the Head poster

Bullet to The Head

When things goes wrong, the law does not work. Even the law itself is corrupted. So what do you do? You call in the cops or you hired a rogue cop who does his job professionally and no hesitation at all? One thing for sure, he got arrested for more than 26 times, and yet […]

The Last Stand

The Last Stand

He was cop. Also a military who hunts for Predators in the Amazon Jungle. In future, he is a machine, programmed to hunt and kill Connor with his shotgun as a trademark and riding a Harley Davidson. Along the way, he did his job as a day cop in a kindergarten school. In reality, he […]

Hensel and Gretel

Hensel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Coming to Town

¬†Once upon time, in a far far away land. Once lived an old farmer and his beautiful wife with his two children. They were brothers and sisters. The young boy, named Hensel and his younger sister named Gretel. They lived in a small run down cottage house. One night, the mother had a small talked […]

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