Hensel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Coming to Town

 Once upon time, in a far far away land. Once lived an old farmer and his beautiful wife with his two children. They were brothers and sisters. The young boy, named Hensel and his younger sister named Gretel. They lived in a small run down cottage house. One night, the mother had a small talked with their father, thinking of a way to get rid of their two children. Their father, was reluctant but seeing how poor they were, they had no choice but to get rid of Hensel and Gretel. They were both then dragged deep into the forest woods.

Along the way, Hensel took out a piece of bread and spread it on the ground. “Not to worry Gretel. We will find our way back home. I left trails as our father took us deep into the forest,” he said. As they waited for dawn and looking for their way back home, Hensel noticed the pieces of bread went missing.

They did not give up easily. They traveled deeper into the woods and found an old shack made out of candies…

And…the story starts from here. I have to admit. Using the ideas of fairy tales to make movies is purely awesome. Love those twist of fate. In the 2013 Hensel and Gretel, it was more of an action.

Hensel and Gretel

Hensel and Gretel Poster

To sum it all up, it is not your typical bed time stories like what we used to know or hear. This one, you will get arrows flying over your heads, bullets piercing through witches and turning them into chunks of meat. It was awesome that is one thing for sure.

Wicth Hunters

Swash buckling Jeremy Renner and adds up to the spice the hot looking Gemma Atherton. These pair is just purely awesome in their own ways. Would love to see them more on the big screens in future.

I still say this movie was well done. Love the plots and character development as well as its twist of fate. But one thing for sure, the entire whole movie does not look like as if they are brothers and sisters. They look more like lovers. Moreover, these pair really knows how to work well together under tight circumstances.

Hensel and Gretel Kick Ass

Witches! They are your worst nightmare.

So yeah, that wraps it all up. Witches! Watch your back cause Hensel and Gretel is coming to town to rid all of you! So people, you got a witch problem? Grab your tickets now and watch Hensel and Gretel killing them. You might actually learn a thing or two to kill witches.

Directed by     Tommy Wirkola
Produced by     Will Ferrell
Adam McKay
Kevin Messick
Beau Flynn
Chris Henchy
Christoph Fisser
Written by     Tommy Wirkola
Dante Harper
Starring     Jeremy Renner
Gemma Arterton
Famke Janssen
Pihla Viitala
Peter Stormare
Thomas Mann
Music by     Atli Örvarsson
Cinematography     Michael Bonvillain
Editing by     Jim Page
Studio     Gary Sanchez Productions
Paramount Pictures
Distributed by     Paramount Pictures
United International Pictures
Release date(s)

January 25, 2013

Running time     87 minutes[1]


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