Bullet to The Head

When things goes wrong, the law does not work. Even the law itself is corrupted. So what do you do? You call in the cops or you hired a rogue cop who does his job professionally and no hesitation at all? One thing for sure, he got arrested for more than 26 times, and yet still, he does a better job than your typical everyday uniform cops. He roams around in New Orleans. And he is a hitman. His name is Jimmy Bobo (Sylvester Stallone) and his side kick, Louis Blanchard (Jon Seda).

Bullet to the head movie was adapted from a graphic novel titled Du Plomb Dans La Tete, did by Alexis Nolent’s from France.

Bullet to the Head poster

Bullet to The Head

Just after a few months seeing him acting in Expandables 2, it was good to see this hunk on the big screen once more. I can’t quite remember his last movie debut, but one thing for sure, seeing him acting on his own movie set just like Arnold who played Sheriff Owen in The Last Stand gives their individual movie a memorable taste respectively.

I have not yet read the graphic novel so I do not know how good it is compared to this movie on its own.

What I really liked about this movie is just to see how bad ass Jimmy was. As usual, Stallone being himself, there is no hesitation in him at all to beat the crap out of every single bad guys.

"You're gonna fucking tell me or I'll shoot"

“You’re gonna fucking tell me or I’ll shoot”

"I just did" He TROLLED

“I just did” He TROLLED

After his partner Lion Blanchard died, he did everything all by himself. Not until he met with an Asian detective Taylor Kwan (Sung Kang) who got tagged alongside with him. Jimmy’s motto, “Trust no one…”. He killed bad corrupted cops. But not  women and child. That includes a whore. Good enough to see him keeping up with his own standards and definition as a rogue cop.

Taylor Kwon

Taylor Kwong saved Lisa (Sarah Shahi0

Detective is not only knowledgeable. He got sharp senses to see through everything. He could even sniff out most wanted criminal for Jimmy. Does he know Kung-Fu? A little.


Who is gonna win?

Well, as what Jimmy said, Trust no One. Not even the cops in uniforms.

Directed by Walter Hill
Produced by Alfred Gough
Alexandra Milchan
Miles Millar
Joel Silver
Kevin King Templeton
Screenplay by Walter Hill
Alessandro Camon
Based on Du Plomb Dans La Tete by
Alexis Nolent
Starring Sylvester Stallone
Sung Kang
Sarah Shahi
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Christian Slater
Jason Momoa
Music by Steve Mazzaro
Cinematography Lloyd Ahern II
Editing by Timothy Alverson
Studio Dark Castle Entertainment
IM Global
After Dark Films
Automatik Entertainment
EMJAG Productions
Millar Gough Ink
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Running time 91 minutes

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