Dragon Momoko 1/144 Scale Razor Age Gundam


BOXART from Dragon Momoko

For this week review, it will be the highly anticipated Dragon Momoko Gundam Age Razor Unit 1/144 Scale. Its an urban legend. Rumour has it the quality from Dragon Momoko was an 80% similarity to Bandai. It was actually my first time buying a non-Bandai items. Since it is from Dragon Momoko, we are going to take a look inside it to see how far is its similarity! Excited yet? Well, if you are then hold on tight as everything will be revealed soon enough. Right here on the face of the planet earth in Kuching, Sarawak.

Gundam Razor Unit Dragon Momoko Parts

Parts looks good and feels good.

Unboxing time! YAY! Good news is, when Bandai released the Razor Age Unit, it came with a separated box. You will need to purchase the Razor Unit separately. Total DAMAGE? Expect to spend at least RM 200 (RM 100 for the 1/144 Scale AGE-1 and RM 100 for the Razor Unit). Here is the worst part! For Bandai, the highly anticipated Razor Unit, you will have to colour some parts on your own! Bad news ehh? Well not anymore. Dragon Momoko have been releasing a few products in line. So far, for the AGE Series they have released the Titus and Sparrow. This is their third line for the AGE Series. Would you like to know more?


Product defect? DAAA FUQQ?!

Trying to figure out Gundam Razor AGE Eye Piece

Where is the damn Eye Piece

Razor Age 1 still in process

Stickers looks so kiddy

Gundam Age Razor

Was looking through a few numbers of speed grapher

“EYE PIECE MISSING?!” I was panicking for two damn straight hours not knowing what to do. Their instruction manual definitely need improvisation. I was looking back at the runners several number of times not until a friend of mine clarified it with me and said the eye piece was inside the box. After double checking it was there. THANK GOODNESS it was still in there. If its for Bandai, standardized eye piece for every GUNDAM is always on the A runner like the RED ones above. Other than that, while building, I noticed its plastic quality connected to the runners are all somewhat soft, easy to cut and NUBS FREE!!

We have seen the good side of it. What about the bad side? The BAD parts varies.

Gundam Age back skirt looks horrible

Looks pretty bad for such kit.

This is the back part of its skirt. Looks horrible and it was a nightmare for such pretty looking unit. I had to use some sticky tack to get the job done. The back skirt was actually one piece connected with the other end. I wanted to make it moveable.

1/144 Gundam AGE Razor

Looks good on the front end for AGE Razor 1/144.

AGE Leg Weapon

AGE Leg weapon looks awesome but need to drill through a little bit to fit the armour.

Close up View on AGE Razor Weapon

Menacingly detailed! I am impressed with its 80% accuracy. Praised Dragon Momoko for this.

1/144 Gundam AGE Razor Dragon Momoko

Dragon Momoko did score on this kit. I give it a 4/5.

1/144 Gundam AGE Razor Ready for Display

Seriously, no one will know if this is either from Bandai or Dragon Momoko.

Overall details as you can on the above pictures, looks good. But do take note. The waist part is slightly loose. You might want to replace the PC parts with Bandai. Does it fit? As a matter of fact, it does. The difference for PC parts? Bandai’s is slightly tighter but it works well on Dragon Momoko. Other than that, gotta love the weapon. Its transparent blade is what makes it feel this particular brand is more solid than Bandai.

Extra blades do fit in on both side of its shoulder and front skirt.

Arm Join Design

This is how the arm join looks like. Gives you less hassle and less parts to build it.

Arm Join Designed by Dragon Momoko

The secret to is the PC part and how it connects. It gives builders a better feel to it. But you might consider on replacing it with Bandais’ as it will become loose in time if you move it around too much.

The join parts is more of a like an injection kit or based on the modifications did by most Bandai modelers. It looks good too except that the PC parts you might want to consider on replacing it with Bandai’s. So what is the price like? For those of you who reside in Kuching, Sarawak state, drive to Everise BDC and pay a visit to Heng Kim Trading. It is on the second floor. Same floor as the Everise BDC center. Price? RM 32.90. Grab two box of Dragon Momoko Gundam products, you are getting yourself of RM 30 for two. Hurry up while stock last!


One comment

  1. Kawagoochie · · Reply

    Real fans will be able to tell if it’s bandai or not. How?

    The REAL BanDai Age-1 Razor Kit DOES NOT come with transparent parts.

    The REAL BanDai Age-1 Razor Kit can attach the blades on the shoulders, side-skirts and back-skirt.

    so yeah… some people will be able to tell.

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