Beautiful Creatures

Beatiful Creatures Movie Poster

Beautiful Creatures Movie Poster

Hi guys! Once more I am back for a short movie review. This week it is going to be on Beautiful Creatures. It all started out with the curiosity kills the cat. When the poster first came out and not knowing what it was all about, not even bothered by the trailer, I was personally like…”Hmmmm….is this another Twilight idea?” Well, I have never watched Twilight. Seriously speaking, by just looking at Twilight movie poster I was not impressed at all. So since I was not even impressed with Twilight, what made me picked up this movie over the weekends? Well, here is why…in this review of course.

Lena Duchannes played by Alice Englert

Lean Duchannes attended her first class in Ravenwood

Lena Duchannes a young Caster, from another city was transferred to Ravenwood. Why? That you need to find out by yourself. Here is what I think. Having Lena Duchanness on the movie set as a very low profile character  directed by Richard LaGravenese made the movie standout on its own. In some reviews as I have read, writers commented between this and Twilight, they would prefer this. Why? Unlike Twilight, Bella started off with a “BANG!”. Twilight lovers, you can hate for that and I cannot blame you all for it. Its just natural.

As for Lena Duchanness, she was all gloomy and a victim of bully in school.

Sarafine / Ms Lincoln

Evil Sorceress Sarafine possessed Ms Lincoln

Amazingly, the movie described the differences between Caster and a Sorceress. Well, it was the first time I have heard of such differences. Nonetheless, it made the movie more interesting.

Lena Duchess Showing Presented her Small Power

Lena broke class windows with small amount with small amount of power

Lena on the other hand, tried to get along with the others but nothing seemed to work. Not until…

Lena Duchess Smiling

Lena smiling…so who is prettier? Bella or Lena?

Ahh yes. Another pointer here. Between Bella and Lena, Lena looks more genuine when it comes to relationship. Unlike Bella. Bella was somehow, indecisive, and a serious stuck up when I saw bits and pieces of Twilight movie. Was Lena pretty…? Well, she was not as hot as Bella though. But for a country girl who resided in Ravenwood and having the powers of Caster? She was definitely the sweet girl next door type.

Alden Ehrenreich as Ethan

Ethan, the hero who saved Lena…in a way…

Well, do not expect too much from this movie. Yeap, lacked of pretty boys and six packs you say? Hmmm…at least this movie was decent enough. It did not had to be the hot type to work things out. Even a simple guy who was a nerd and loved books such as this one made the whole movie entirely solid.

Emma Rossum as Ridley Duchannes

Provocative and evil Ridle Duchannes…

Ridley Duchannes was none other than Lena’s provocative cousin. And yes, she loves wine too. She made guys go “goo goo” on her…but evil…and dark…

Ethan's Medal

Ethan’s Medal

Ethan and Lena

Ethan and Lena finally, after a lot of convincing…

It was not an easy job to stay together like this. Both Ethan and Lena, had to struggle a little. But one good thing for sure, love overcomes everything in this movie. Not even a spell can break these two. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself spellbound by this beautifully crafted piece of movie which was based on the novel written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I personally say this movie is a perfect movie for most couple.

Beautiful Creatures

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Richard LaGravenese
Produced by Andrew A. Kosove
Broderick Johnson
Erwin Stoff
David Valdes,
Molly Mickler Smith
Screenplay by Richard LaGravenese
Based on Beautiful Creatures by
Kami Garcia
Margaret Stohl
Starring Alden Ehrenreich
Alice Englert
Jeremy Irons
Viola Davis
Emmy Rossum
Thomas Mann
Emma Thompson
Music by Thenewno2
Cinematography Philippe Rousselot
Editing by David Horvitz
Studio Alcon Entertainment
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s)
  • February 14, 2013
Running time 124 minutes[1]


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