Snitch Poster

Snitch Poster

Hi folks! Once more Hideo is back online. Sorry to keep you all waiting for my new updates under the movie category. It may not seem that great and all but yeah, well I am doing my best here to keep things a live. The movie Snitch came out quite long ago and yeah, I have not yet had the proper time to make a little bit of review about it. So here it is for this week’s write about, its about Snitch.

Honestly, I never knew Dwayne Johnson was actually The Rock. I thought Dwayne Johnson was new in the filming industry but after doing some researched, only then I knew he was actually The Rock. The movie plot goes like this. A father who was so busy in his daily life and owning his own errr…construction industry? Something like that…had a bad family management. Although he was remarried and had a new family, he still cares for his ex-wife. He had a son, who hated him so much because he was always busy, never had time for his family and tend to be away for quite some time.

One day, his son was caught in the act by local authorities for purchasing drugs. John Matthews aka Dwayne Johnson, decided to take his own alternative action and that was by doing drug dealing at his own risked. In the process he got beaten by street thugs. When managed to get in contact with a powerful local prosecutor Joanned Keeghan played by Susan Sarandon, she reeled the idea that it was not part of their plan as law is still a law. After much convincing, they made a bargain. As a father, he put himself on the front line by going as an undercover. He even requested help from one of his co-worker, Daniel James played by John Bernthal, who was once a drug addict.

John Matthews of course did make a promised to Daniel by offering him twenty grand to get out of town, who said no to his proposal at first. Until he heard his reasoning, he then introduced the middle person whom they used to keep in touch with, and his name was Malik.

What John Matthews did not know off was the person he was about to face. It was none other than one of the most wanted drug lord, an international crime and was once an ex-militant.

Joanne Keeghan tried to keep the negotiations up and convinced John Matthews it was a no go to bail his son for his drug activity.

Joanne Keeghan tried to keep the negotiations up and convinced John Matthews it was a no go to bail his son for his drug activity.

John Mathhews on the negotiation spot with his delivered package to Malik.

John Mathhews on the negotiation spot with his delivered package to Malik.

Do take note. Although this movie was played by The Rock, you will not be getting those muscle reflexes or fancy wrestling moves. Although the caption on the movie stated that it was inspired based on a true story, my personal question was how real is real? I mean I won’t say the movie itself was too good or too bad considering its genre as a cop, action, real-life drama thing. The storyline itself was not too great either. As much as it was not too great and looked like one of those B rated movie, I still say this movie is still watchable.

Think of it this way. You hated the movie but just watch it if you are Wrestling Fan or The Rock fan himself.

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh
Produced by Nigel Sinclair
Matt Jackson
Jonathan King
Dwayne Johnson
Dany Garcia
Alex Brunner
Tobin Armbrust
Written by Justin Haythe
Ric Roman Waugh
Starring Dwayne Johnson
Music by Antonio Pinto
Cinematography Dana Gonzales
Editing by Jonathan Chibnall
Studio Exclusive Media
Participant Media
Image Nation
Distributed by Summit Entertainment
Release date(s)
  • February 22, 2013 (United States)
Running time 112 minutes 

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