Zombies Have a Heart too only in Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies Poster

Warm Bodies Poster

This is another review that I totally left out. Dang! I seriously forgot all about it actually due to my busy schedule. Yeap, as referred to the title above, zombies too can turn into a new leaf. How? Well, here is a secret. Ever heard of a saying “When one man can make a difference…” something like that? What if I were to tell you, when a zombie can make an evolution…it happens in Warm Bodies. So how did the movie go?

The movie was based on a romance novel written by Isaac Marion.

It started out in a very uniquely first person story for a zombie movie. As usual, zombies do attack human, causing an infection and rumors has it that there is no cure or antidote. They became faster, ferocious, stronger, and a heartless killing machine. The only way to kill it is to pull a trigger on its head. In Warm Bodies, it works the other way round. These zombies, were lead by one zombie who totally forgot his name…and known as R played by Nicholas Hoult.

As a zombie, if they do not kill and eat, they will become another different version of zombies known as The Bonies. Kinda funny name if you ask me.

Well, R  was once used to be someone…a human obviously. After the zombie plague, he totally forgot what it feels to be alive, how to sleep or even dead. His favourite part of a human body is the brain. That is the only way for him to feel slightly alive. His days as a zombie was spend at the airport, most of the time.

Not until one day, when he met the General’s daughter. The General’s daughter, Julie played by Teresa Palmer lose her boyfriend during a horde of Zombie ambush lead by R. Did Julie survived? Well, not only she survived the among the hordes’ of zombie but was actually saved by R. Eventually, she got tired and requested R to send her home. R managed to find his way and caught up with her again.

Then, this is where does all the magic begins. R heart’s started to function. Love is in the air. He loves Julie as a zombie and Julie loves him back too. What happens next? You know I know…just watch the movie and stop asking question already.

R very close at a conversation at times

R very close at a conversation at times, this is his best friend.

Looks like R. The on difference is, R is more complicated.

Looks like R. The on difference is, R is more complicated.

R and Julie out of the pool.

R and Julie out of the pool.

I really did enjoy watching this movie. Its unlike your typical love story or zombie movie. It was a partly comedy romance. Although the entire whole storyline did not mentioned how did the epidemic happened, but its presentation was more than enough to make this movie interesting. After watching the trailer, I quickly rushed to the cinema and grabbed two tickets. I knew that this movie was a must watched. The pirated DVDs came out earlier than the movie itself. I was tempted to grab it but after giving it a shot, the picture and sound quality was bad.

Anyways, still I had to admit that this movie was great. If your girlfriend is mad at you, then grab the ticket and treat her to a movie especially this one. It was the sweetest zombie flicked movies I had ever seen!

Directed by Jonathan Levine
Produced by David Hoberman
Todd Lieberman
Bruna Papandrea
Screenplay by Jonathan Levine
Based on Warm Bodies
by Isaac Marion
Narrated by Nicholas Hoult
Starring Nicholas Hoult
Teresa Palmer
Rob Corddry
Dave Franco
Analeigh Tipton
Cory Hardrict
John Malkovich
Music by Marco Beltrami
Buck Sanders
Cinematography Javier Aguirresarobe
Editing by Nancy Richardson
Studio Mandeville Films
Distributed by Summit Entertainment
Release date(s)
  • February 1, 2013
Running time 97 minutes[1]
Country United States
Language English
Budget $35 million[2]

One comment

  1. Pretty decent film 😀

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