Yo Joe ! Umm no…its Hoorah !! in GI Joe Retaliation

Once more I just got back from my work travel and here I am gonna write something about GI JOE Retaliation 2013 before heading down to work early this morning. Well, I might be late giving this review or some of you might have just watched and some of you have not.  For those of you who have not watch it yet, here is how the story goes for this movie.



Cobra terrorist is back this time with bigger plots. As usual, the GI JOE team was sent out to suppress the Cobra’s activity which was still at large.

GI Joe in Action

However, the JOE’s was charged for stealing some nuclear warheads and they need to do something about it. Cobra then decided to declare themselves as the new world’s protective unit. The scheme went so perfectly well, up to the point that it was nearly flawless.

The fake President Zartan, called upon all leaders to have a meeting. His request, as promising as it sounds, he wanted a nuclear free nation. The bargain was somehow fishy and not as simple as that. Instead, when Cobra Commander made his debut appearance, he introduced a more horrifying weapon technology. It was a type of killer satellite and once they dropped the cylinder from orbit all the way down to earth, it destroyed the entire whole nation.

Bruce Willis in action. He should just stay with the CIA. Not in GI Joe.

Bruce Willis in action. He should just stayed with the CIA. Not in GI Joe.

As simple as that, GI JOE accused of stealing nuclear warheads, Cobra Commander “…wanted all…” was his caption…but his plans failed as usual and GI JOE saved the day.

Owh hell yeah...Meet my little friend...!!

Owh hell yeah…Meet my little friend…!!

So, how did I take the movie personally? I was watching the movie with my girlfriend since she wanted to watch it so much. When she told me The Rock was in it I totally forgot The Rock was in the movie or on the even movie poster for GI JOE Retaliation. Why, well a few weeks ago, before watching GI JOE I was watching The Rock movie by the title of Snitch.

The only thing great about GI JOE Retaliation was their vehicles.

The only thing great about GI JOE Retaliation was their vehicles.

Speaking about Duke. Yeah, why did they have to kill him? Bloody idiots I am telling you. Duke and Flint were the major iconic characters in GI JOE. How could they let Duke died in a very lame explosion from the Cobra’s ambush at the desert? Common! Most of us who grew up in the 80’s we all knew Duke at least went into coma from a snake which was thrown by Serpentor. Speaking of Serpentor, where was he anyway?

Duke close to death scene from GI JOE 1987 movie.

Duke closed to death scene from GI JOE 1987 movie.

Destro and the Baronness was not supposed to be captured that easily too.

Also, one of my favourite character, where was Sergeant Slaughter and The Rock as Road Block? That ruined his reputation from the orginal GI JOE series.

Overall, I ended up sleeping half of the movie anyway. Do not blame me as a terrible boyfriend but blame it on the movie producer Jon M. Chu for making it very lame and predictable movie. I would still prefer the GI JOE 1987 animated movie anyway. Those were the days when GI JOE really stay true to their theme as a real American Heroes. Not the Rise of Cobra (I never bother watching the first one) or Retaliation. Watching the second one was more than enough for me to say, it sucks.

If you are an 80’s fan of the GI JOE original TV series, you could say the same too but if you are not from the 80’s and you liked The Rise of Cobra, I say go watch the 80’s first and come back later.

Directed by Jon M. Chu
Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Brian Goldner
Written by Rhett Reese
Paul Wernick
Based on G.I. Joe
by Hasbro
Starring Dwayne Johnson
Bruce Willis
D.J. Cotrona
Byung-hun Lee
Adrianne Palicki
Ray Park
Jonathan Pryce
Ray Stevenson
Channing Tatum
Music by Henry Jackman
Cinematography Stephen Windon
Editing by Roger Barton
Jim May
Studio Skydance Productions
di Bonaventura Pictures
Running time 110 minutes[5]

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