Macross VF 25 F Ranka Lee Version

Macross VF 25 F Ranka Lee Version

3 weeks in Kuala Lumpur made me feel like I have been missing a good bowl of Kolo Mee. I did try to update my Word Press but sadly, I totally forgot to bring my small notebook which had my passwords inside it. So 3 weeks in Kuala Lumpur, I have not been updating anything at all. So here it is, just got back from Kuala Lumpur on Thursday evening.

I did quite a lot of shopping there and bought few stuff for my family. Went to most of the model kit shops as recommended  by my uncle. This is one of my purchased model kit from Berjaya Times Square shop, Gamers Arena. This is the Macross VF 25-F limited version with the Ranka Lee sticker version. Price, RM 54.

Let me share my thoughts with you all on this model kit.

Unboxing the Macross VF-25F

Unboxing the Macross VF-25F

Divided into two parts only. It is not transformable. I kinda prefer it not to be transforming at all. Bandai did release the standard size of the 1/100 Macross but I never bother of buying that. Based on modeler builders’ experienced, although it was a simple assembled compared to the Hasegawa Macross version, the Bandai version tend to end up becoming loose after the transformation. Most model builders’ recommended that during the process of building it is best to strictly keep one form only.

Macross VF 25 F with Ranka Lee

Macross VF 25 F with Ranka Lee

For this model kit, the assembling was easy. It took me like two days to finish it but the stickers are hell. I had to be very careful to look at the cutting of the stickers and making sure its alignment are all in placed. The most amazing part was, Japanese people are so damn creative.

Macross VF 25 Finish building

Macross VF 25 Finished building

I sprayed the burner using Tamiya spray paint black. As for the inside part of the after burner, I used Gundam Marker Colour pen to fill it up. Overall, the model kit alone is a very good looking plane. The US market is selling this limited edition model at the price of 48 USD!! Even my uncle told me the price was ridiculously expensive and he himself is planning to grab one of the model kit as well. I nearly bought the green one but it does not impress me much except for this unit.

Macross Line Up

Macross Line Up

Here is a good reference for its size comparison from the Frontier Series. Yeap…looks good….for a 1/144 size…last but not least…the F-35…in my personal opinion…looks ugly…I always call it as the Fat Plane…even China made J-10 looks much better in terms of its body design…then again…performance is what counts as well by the end of the day…^^…LOL…ironic but true…

Next up…!! Sr-71 Black Bird Revell Model Kit 2005 released 1:72 scale !!


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