Revell SR 71 Black Bird 1/72 scale (Part 1)

SR 71 Black Bird Body Parts

SR 71 Black Bird Body Parts

Hi folks ! First and foremost, welcome aboard on the Sr-71 Black Bird ! Here is my second project and I am proud to inform you all this is a 1:72 scale 2002 production Sr – 71 Black Bird model which I got it for RM 80 during my 3 weeks in Kuala Lumpur. As usual, Revell will always be Revell. Their model kits can be classified into different levels. This is assembling is a Level 2 Skill.

It has been ages since I have built an aircraft. I used to say, it was actually hard and until today it is still hard! Except that this time, I have all the basic tools to solve it.

So let me give you all a slight tour on what does this kit have to offer…

Flight System ControlSr-71 Flight Control Panel

The flight deck control colour was totally inaccurate for a fine scale modeler. Forgive me guys for making it look like a kids colour. Then again, by painting the control panel made me realized how far have my modelling skills gone through improvisation. Although the colour was totally off, I kinda like the end result.

SR 71 Complete Flight Cockpit

Here is how it look like. The finishing part of the SR-71 Flight Deck System. I actually used the Gundam Marker Colour pen to colour these fine parts and its end result was pretty awesome although the colour was totally way off and it looks very cartoonish.

Back then, during my schooling days, I used to ask myself, how was it possible for modelers to be able to colour those really small parts? After building countless of Gundams model kits ranging from the HG to the PG, only  then I knew.


Here is the canopy for the model kit. Since I have left building aircrafts for a very long time, I found out there are a lot of improvisation that Revell did on this one. The upper part of the canopy was a separated plastic part from the transparent plastic parts. That is good news indeed.

However, the little triangular shape part at the very front of the canopy, is one part that I had to paint it on my own. I used the Tamiya Black spray paint to paint that tiny lines in between the transparent canopy.

Then again, you will noticed how I actually accidentally cut out a little bit of too much on the triangular shaped canopy.

During prime days, I used Super Glue on the canopy and making it look so damn foggy by the end of the day.


Based on the instruction manual, I was given the choice to either let the canopy opened for display or closed. I preferred it to be close. The gaps in between on the canopy was due to my very bad hand work. I took it out for a second time and put it back on again just for the sake of doing a little bit of paint job for the front canopy.


Now that the entire whole body was assembled, I had some other problems to it.

Once more, another good reason why I decided to stop building aricrafts model in the past was due to the very bad experiences on handling those water slide stickers. I remembered back then when I soaked it for too long inside the water, it ended getting sticked on my fingers or any other parts of my arm.

Worst still, I actually dipped the entire whole piece of the water slide stickers into that small container of water and ended up fishing for it after that. Next few hours, I quit and flushed all those into the toilet bowl.

True story.DSC_0415

This time it was different. For the SR-71 Black Bird, despite facing the same experienced, I did not give up that easily. I managed to save quite a number of water slide decals from getting spoil.

I do admit, the model kit owner owned it for a very long time and when I took it out, the water slide decals were all slightly yellowish.

But that does not mean the water slide decals cannot be saved at all. Here are some of the results.

I found out that some did not stick properly at all. Another big mistake I did was not to purchase the Mr Hobby Marking Setter.


As you can see on the picture above, I had no choice other than to let the Lift signed to be shortened.


The second picture above, if you noticed the red signed with those square boxes, it got stuck on my finger a few number of times. I had to dip it inside the water again, stick it back on, and used the Mr Hobby Mark Softener to reposition it correctly.

At this point and if I were to be still in my prime days, I would have given it up already.


This third picture above, was a real nightmare. It was torn into three pieces. What I did was re-soaked it inside the water and stick it back on.

The red markings on top of the SR 71 Black Bird was supposed to be slightly outside and not exactly right at the middle like that. I wanted to re-adjust it but the thoughts of its end result made me not to do it and leave it as it was.


Finally, we have come to an end of Part 1. Landing gears. This was also another problem back then which eventually totally made me quit buiding aircrafts.

Everytime, whenever I used a glue to stick the landing gear, my landing gear was never straight. it will be slightly imbalanced. After much experienced with Gundam Model Kits, such tiny parts are no longer an issue for me.

I did quite a references on the internet and have been looking for some Sr-71 fine scale modelling techniques. I noticed most of the landing gears are all in white.

For my case, the landing gear section is just almost too white. I need to get myself some silver by the end of the day and paint it over with a little bit of silver on it.



By far, this kit is one of my proudest handwork. Reason? Well, the handwork alone speak out for itself. Although I am just halfway building it, I can say I did not gave up easily…unlike last time…I did my very best for this one…so stay tuned for part two guys…


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