Tamiya 1/72 Scale F/A 18 E Super Hornet

How are you all folks doing lately? The haze is kind of horrible in m y nation here in Malaysia. Not so long ago, there was a report stating that a total of 300 plus number of schools were requested to shut its operation due to its high API reading in Peninsula Malaysia. For my area, especially in Sarawak or also known as the Borneo Island, just started to rain.

As I woke up early this morning, the clouds were showing signs of rain. Few weeks ago, it was really hot and imagine this, although the forest clearing is currently still in the process in our neighbouring country, Indonesia, there was a very strong scent of ashes coming in from their side to ours. Anyways, enough with the personal ranting about weather conditions in my nation.

For this week, let me give you a review on my 1/72 scale F/A 18 Super Hornet.

Tamiya 1/72 Scale F/A 18 E Super Hornet Went to the one and only official Tamiya shop in Kuala Lumpur and that is Tamiya Undergroundz.

Price : RM 72 (Discounted RM 3)

Most of the hobby collectors market these days, especially in where I live in, they tend to go for the Die Cast ones. Even when I visited the Tamiya Undergroundz, choices of 1/72 planes were limited. I saw, the F-22, Hornet, and A-6E Intruder.

Unboxing the F/A 18 E Super Hornet

Unboxing the F/A 18 E Super Hornet

There was not much parts inside the package. I remembered during my primary and secondary school days how I used to love building planes. I stopped as I did not have the expertise and shifted all to Gundam. Only this year, I started to pick it up again.

F/A 18 E Super Hornet Airbrushing time

F/A 18 E Super Hornet Airbrushing time

Tamiya Airbrush with Compressor at RM 550. Last box...

Tamiya Airbrush with Compressor at RM 550. Last box…

Preparation for Airbrushing. I bought an Air Brush with a compressor. It was kinda cool. The compressor gave you the option to either used R/C Tamiya 7.2 output voltage battery pack or a Tamiya R/C Charger. For me, this is one of the best compressor I have ever used. Basic and straight forward.

F/A 18 E Super Hornet Body frame.

F/A 18 E Super Hornet Body frame.

The Air Brushing part was done. The problem with this model kit was, its air fuselage. They cut it into 3 pieces making it hard enough to assemble it together. Not only that, the top part of the fuselage was separated making it harder to assemble. As for the wing, thank goodness they did not separate its wing fully.

If this were to be Hasegawa model kits, the air fuselage would have been much easier to handle with. What more to say if this was from Hobby Boss. Also, back then when I first assembled my first F-15 C, its wing was separated from its body. But not for Tamiya. The back fin, they did not cut it and its wing, they only cut the top part of it making my job easier but not for the fuselage.

Its fuselage, after spraying, I had troubled gluing it. As a result, I had no choice other than to sandpaper off the parts and redo it quite a number of times.

F/A 18 E Landing Gear

F/A 18 E Landing Gear

As usual, the F/A 18 E have this trademark on white parts for its landing gear and its air intake. I used Tamiya Pure White Spray paint for the white parts.

F/A 18 E Super Hornet With weathering

F/A 18 E Super Hornet With weathering


The air brush helps me a lot to do such effect. The type of grey I used was from Mr Hobby Colour, Navy grey which they used a lot for planes such as the F-15, F-22, Pak-Fa and a little bit on the MIG or Sukhoi which required a little bit of mixing for Russian planes.

F/A 18 E Cockpit

F/A 18 E Cockpit

Since I was lacking in colours, here is how the cockpit look like. I used Tamiya Black spray to paint the cockpit. Somehow, the black came out in a very glossy manner which I do not understand it why. I should have picked up Matt Black Tamiya Spray paint…

As for the blue monitor, and white coloured control panel, I used the Gundam Marker to paint it.


F/A 18 E Super Hornet Landing Gear

F/A 18 E Super Hornet Landing Gear


Back then, I was really bad at putting landing gear together. Surprisingly, I recalled in the past, when I was building my Harrier 1/72 scale Tamiya in year 1997, landing gear was supposed to be glued on. For the F/A 18 E Super Hornet, the Landing Gear, it was a snap fit!

F/A 18 E Airbrakes

F/A 18 E Airbrakes

F/A 18 E After Burner

F/A 18 E After Burner

F/A 18 E Rear Landing Gear

F/A 18 E Rear Landing Gear

What I could never comprehend was these part. Its rear landing gear. I do not recall Tamiya separated the wheels into two like that. Since I have been away from Tamiya modeling for more than 10 years, so I am not so very sure about it. But I do recall back then, they never separated it like that. The good news for me is that, I only need to slide in the wheel and assembled it to its landing gear without any problem at all. No glue required for this part too!

F/A 18 E...

F/A 18 E…


Its weapon was horrible. I am not a big fan of its weapon attachment. So what I did was I cut off its little support attachment and only by then the weapon packs were put in properly. I had to take it a few number of times when its plastic part support was still there. I got so annoyed by it and decided to cut it off by a few millimeters just to make sure the weapon pack does not only stick but it does not dangle around.

F/A 18 E

F/A 18 E

Finally, took me three weeks there about to finish her up. No matter how I look at it, the F/A 18 E is a plane that I must not miss. She looks just fine on a display shelf…my last touch up on her was using the master weathering effect from Tamiya. She looks just fine. It was tough but I somehow managed it…


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  1. Thank you so much for this review. I’ve been looking all over for reviews and such on the kit, and thus far yours has been the only one of quality. I really do appreciate your time and effort very much.

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