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Are you an effective movie for 2013 ? – Oblivion

It was quite a week for me after my traveled. Got back home, unpack my stuff and went to catch up with GI JOE Retaliation. The next was Oblivion. After that, its gonna be Iron Man 3. So, as I went to every movies and saw the Oblivion trailer since last year, I had a […]

Yo Joe ! Umm no…its Hoorah !! in GI Joe Retaliation

Once more I just got back from my work travel and here I am gonna write something about GI JOE Retaliation 2013 before heading down to work early this morning. Well, I might be late giving this review or some of you might have just watched and some of you have not.  For those of […]

The Croods Are Not Just Your Ordinary Family

Folks! Let us take you back into time, where there was once a family, like no other during the stone age era. Let us welcome, The Croods. Let us pay a visit to them and let us see what was life like with them this week, shall we? It all started out with Eep. Eep, […]

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Zombies Have a Heart too only in Warm Bodies

This is another review that I totally left out. Dang! I seriously forgot all about it actually due to my busy schedule. Yeap, as referred to the title above, zombies too can turn into a new leaf. How? Well, here is a secret. Ever heard of a saying “When one man can make a difference…” […]

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Hi folks! Once more Hideo is back online. Sorry to keep you all waiting for my new updates under the movie category. It may not seem that great and all but yeah, well I am doing my best here to keep things a live. The movie Snitch came out quite long ago and yeah, I […]

OZ! The Great and Powerful

OZ The Great And Powerful. I was really looking forward to this when I first saw the trailer last year. For a moment there I thought this movie was actually a continuation from the Wizard of OZ back in the 60’s version. That was my first impression to it. Anyways, here is what it looks […]

Jack The Giant Slayer

Jack The Giant Slayer

“FEE FYY FOO FUMM! ASK NOT WHEN THE THUNDER COMES…!!” Jack the Giant Slayer. Well, there goes our childhood memories. But does that mean our childhood memory is totally ruined? Not exactly ruined…it just got upgraded somehow! The story of Jack the Giant Slayer was an adaptation from a well-known fairy tale we all used […]

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